MJ's Lab
Cognition & E-Learning Lab (CELL)

The Cognition & E-Learning Lab (CELL) is led by Dr. Meng-Jung Tsai who is currently a Distinguished Professor at the Graduate Institute of Digital Learning and Education, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. Professor Tsai's research centered around how students learn in various digital learning environments, especially in online inquiry learning, game-based learning and robotics learning environments. Her reserch domains cover from information literacy education to technology-enhanced science learning. Most of her reserach topics involve online information searching and problem solving in relation to social scientific issues. She is also interested in social cultural issues especially the gender differences in technology and society. Recently, Professor Tsai has been using eye-tracking techniques to examine learners' cognitive process and cognitive strategies involved in various digital learning environments. She is interesed in bridging the relationships between studnets' visual behaviors and their learning outcomes; and, further, developing adapted learning environments based on students' visual behavioral patterns. Currently, several interdisciplinary collaborations are under ways in the CELL ranging from child development to e-book design.

People in CELL
  • Principal Investigator (PI)
    • Prof. Meng-Jung Tsai
  • Research Assistant
    • Po-Fen Hsu, Yu-Ting Yeh
  • PhD Students
    • Ching-Yeh Wang, An-Hsuan Wu, Li-Ju Huang
    • Howard Chao (part time), Yu-Pang Wu (part itme)
  • Master Students
    • Yuan-Kai Chu, Li-En Lee, Dai-Rung Li
    • Chun-Chen Tso (part itme), Yi-Ting Lin (part itme), Chung-Yu Hsieh (part itme)
  • Alumni
    • Wei-Yen Lin
    • Chi-Wei Chen (part time), Mandy Wu (part time)
    • Tse-Wen Pan, Yu-Hsiuan Chang
    • Chia-Wen Chen, Yi-Lun Huang
    • Yi-En Ko, Yi-Hsiun Chou
    • Huei-Shan Chen, Wan-Yi Liu, Yu-Hsin Chen
    • RAs: Guo-Gie Chou, Yu-Wen Wen, Wan-Yi Liu